Frequently asked questions

I started reflexology treatment with Nilam in April 2007. I found the reflexology treatment extremely relaxing.

The experience is different from the one I had previously from another practitioner as Nilam treats the ailments using the reflexology points with emotions that have caused the pain in the first place.

I like this holistic approach after every treatment I feel better within myself and thus able to face life in a new prospective. I would recommend everyone to try out this way of treatment for themselves and feel in control of their own lives.

Indira Mandali

OK, I'm what are the rates/prices?
You can find current rates for all treatments on the Rates page.

When can I start my treatments/courses?
As soon as an arrangment is made, but please send full details so that things are processed easily. Use the Contact page to send details.

How long do typical sessions last?
Again, you can find the details on Rates page.

Where are you located?
Rayner's Lane, Harrow, NW London.

Can I book sessions online?
No, please call or email instead on the Contact Page.

I have special needs, can you do anything for me?
Please call or email with your details to discuss further.

I've still got more questions, who can I talk to?
You can find my contact details on the Contact Page.