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Indian Head Massage Testimonials

January 2007

Jan Greene: Having experienced Reiki and reflexology with Nilam and being very impressed with her therapy and knowledge, I did not quite know what to expect with Indian Head Massage. Firstly Nilam took a very comprehensive health history and then asked me how I had been feeling that day.

I had been a bit tense but during the therapy I relaxed and became warm in my hands and feet. For the second treatment I knew what to expect so was able to let myself go. One of my problems is disturbed sleep due to night sweats and this has helped to improve it. My mood changed to one of calm and happiness each time.

The third session was very beneficial as I had a headache before the massage started but was gone by the time it finished and I felt 'detoxed'. Indian Head Massage is quite intimate and the touch is comforting and all tension from the neck, shoulders and head gets released. I would recommend Indian Head Massage to all.

Pritesh Shah: The Indian Head Massage showed me how tensed I was, which I had not realised before. I was made aware of the bend in my spine by Nilam as she was doing the Indian Head Massage. Nilam showed me exercises to correct my posture and help get my spine back into shape. The massage was initially strange to me but with time I felt comfortable with it and enjoyed its benefits.

It made me less stressful and has made me approach conflicts in a much calmer way in recent weeks. After the massage I felt very light and my shoulders felt as if a weight had been lifted from them. I would use Indian Head Massage therapy again to ease my tension and calm myself. I would recommend this treatment to all who wanted to get rid of tension and ease their shoulder pains.

Deepa Shah: The massage has helped me very much to relax and relieve my sinus and headaches. I also felt stress free and all tension relieved. My sinuses opened up and this helped to relieve my headache. The massage with the oil was very relaxing and my head felt well nourished and I felt cooler. I would recommend this treatment and personally would like to continue with the Indian Head Massage.

Reflexology Testimonials

May 2019

C.J.: My experience with Nilam was quite extraordinary.

I was not in the right state of mind for a number of years due to unpleasant life experiences. I also thought depression was a weak trait and one must carry on and get over it. I thought I would get over it by going on holidays, buying things for myself, focusing on business, turning to religion and getting support from family and friends. Nothing seemed to make any difference. Then I looked into getting some sort of therapy.

After a few trials and errors with using Western therapies, I was recommended Nilam by a friend. I was not sure, but being desperate I booked an appointment, which was very simple to do. When I arrived, I honestly thought that she would not be able to help. I explained my situation and she recommended that I have a Metaphysical Reflexology session. The session was remarkable. I literally felt the negative energy leave my body. I went again the following week and she asked what the issue was? I replied that there was no issue to which Nilam said that there was no reason to come if you are ok. I still booked a session and had a normal reflexology session, which was just as good. This demonstrates how genuine she is.

It has been one and a half years since I had my 1st session and I still feel brand new. I am forever thankful to Nilam for helping me. I would highly recommend her services.

Febuary 2018

G.S.: Feel enlightened after the treatment.

October 2017

Jashel: A testimonial from one client. After suddenly falling ill with unexpected and debilitating vertigo attacks in 2009 and following weeks of frustrating tests and appointments with conventional doctors, I decided to turn to alternative medicine in a desperate attempt to ease the discomfort and anguish I was feeling. I found Nilam through the British Association of Reflexologists, and opted to use her after an initial consultation. During the early weeks, the treatment and my body's reaction to it can only be described as intense, however I felt very relaxed post treatment and continued seeing Nilam regularly. I was eventually diagnosed with a condition called migraine associated vertigo. Gradually my vertigo attacks became less intense and eventually stopped. The doctors and I were pleased at how quickly I had progressed, and I am convinced that the reflexology had assisted the speedy recovery.

I have continued to use Nilam for reflexology on a periodic basis, and find that at the very least it helps to relax me. Very occasionally I suffer from a vertigo attack, but they are much milder, and the recovery is much quicker, and I believe that the reflexology helps to keep the condition under control.

I have on many occasions recommended Nilam, and would encourage anyone who has any form of illness to meet Nilam and to at least arrange an initial consultation. Thanks

April 2011

Sneha Patel: I started seeing Nilam for reflexology in August 2010 as I wanted to primarily try to manage my asthma. I also used to suffer from sinusitis most times along with asthma. I used to have problems with asthma twice a year - Feb / Mar and Nov / Dec for the last 7 years or so.  My husband and I were also trying to start a family before seeing Nilam. I wanted to ensure that my overall health was good before and during pregnancy. Having reflexology with Nilam has already helped to prevent sever asthma spells. Over a period of time the sessions have helped me to deal with my asthma better as well as dealing with sinusitis and my thoughts and feelings in general.

I have also gained something extra since starting reflexology with Nilam - I have understood and learnt how occurrences that have happened in the past or happening in the present have affected my body and how to deal with them to ensure they are healed. I initially had a reflexology session every week for 10 weeks and now I have sessions every 3 weeks or so depending on whether or not I feel I need one. I now feel that I can control my breathing better generally. In November 2010 the signs for my asthma problems started again. I went to see Nilam straight away who helped ease the symptoms as well as gave me acupressure points to do myself to help ease the asthma and sinusitis which worked.

I have definitely seen a difference in my health overall let alone for asthma over the last few months. I also feel more relaxed and at peace with things that were bothering me before. My husband and I are now expecting our first child and so far I have not had any illness which I am obviously pleased with! I would definitely encourage those considering reflexology to certainly give it a try.

November 2007

Anjli Rajani: It's such a corny thing to say that experiences in life can literally "change your life", but that was my experience with Nilam and her particular approach to reflexology. Her holistic approach helped me to both recognise the "imbalance" or blocked energies in my body and also provided me with practical ways to learn more about myself and to re examine the way that I approach life.

I now feel that I learn something new about myself and others every day and I have gained an appreciation for and a tolerance for life and for the people in it!. Many thanks Nilamben.

October 2007

Indira Mandalia: I started reflexology treatment with Nilam in April 2007. I found the reflexology treatment extremely relaxing. The experience is different from the one I had previously from another practitioner as Nilam treats the ailments using the reflexology points with emotions that have caused the pain in the first place. I like this holistic approach after every treatment I feel better within myself and thus able to face life in a new prospective. I would recommend everyone to try out this way of treatment for themselves and feel in control of their own lives.

May 2007

Deepa Vadher: I started to see Nilam for reflexology in June 2005 as I suffer from migraines, back pains and severe period pains. I had about five treatments and feel very relaxed and the migraines and backaches have almost gone.

I am going back to Kenya but as soon as I come back I will start my reflexology treatments with Nilam again. I restarted my sessions with Nilam in December 2006 as the period pains are still bothering me. I feel much better and am able to manage the pain as it is not as severe as before. I would recommend people to try out sessions with Nilam.

November 2006

Manish Patel: I have been introduced to reflexology since October 2006. I began to see Nilam as I suffer from epileptic fits. Since beginning the treatments the frequency of the fits has decreased. It has also helped me to think positively, feel positive and be positive. The treatments have helped me to deal with stress and have given me a clearer understanding to my inner self.

I am now managing to deal with the fits as they are almost gone. I would recommend others to try reflexology for themselves. I will definitely contact and come back for more treatments if I need them in the future.

April 2006

Mona Patel: I began to see Nilam for reflexology in August 2005 as I wanted to try a holistic approach to manage my migraines and sever period pains. Over a period of time the sessions have helped me to deal better with my body and the migraines. Reflexology has helped to reduce the severity and frequency of migraines.

The period pains have also been reduced and I feel I have learnt how to understand the mental thought patterns that affect the body, and how best to deal with them. Initially the migraine pain increased but gradually decreased as I kept having reflexology treatments, on a weekly base, for almost ten months. The migraines are almost gone and even if the pain comes I can handle it without much discomfort.

Nilam’s reflexology technique has enabled me to embrace the holistic approach and to grow spiritually. I would definitely continue to have reflexology treatments and have recommended several people to also try it for themselves. I shall miss my sessions with Nilam as I am moving to U.S.A.

December 2006

Chetna Vekaria: I started reflexology sessions with Nilam in October 2006 as I suffer from asthma especially during the winter. From the first session I felt at ease with my breathing. Nilam also showed me some acupressure points which I do everyday. I thank Nilam for all she has done for me. I would recommend people to try out reflexology for asthma as it has really helped me and I feel more alive.

September 2005

Paras Dhanani: I began to see Nilam in June 2005 as I suffered from lower back pains as well as hay fever. I felt the difference from the first session itself and began to relax. I learnt how to manage my back pains and Nilam also showed me some exercises as well as breathing exercises to help with the back pains and hay fever. I am now following what I have been told to by Nilam and no longer have back pains. If in the future I get back pains due to my job as a dentist, I will definitely come and see Nilam again. I recommend people to try out reflexology with Nilam.

Reiki Testimonials

June 2018

R.M.: Was diagnosed with testicular cancer on 22/1/2018. Been sending distance Reiki since and in between did hands on as well from 25 to 30 January. Flew out to Bangalore for further treatments. Kept sending distance Reiki.

December 2015

K.T.: Was receiving distance reiki daily as he has final stage cancer. The family felt that he was feeling more comfortable after receiving reiki. Around 25/11/2015 I felt he had given up on life, but the family wanted me to continue as he always felt better after receiving Reiki. I continued and after I was told to stop on 7/12/2015, K T passed away on 15/12/2015

October 2014

T.G.: Following my first session, I felt my left ear popping and vibrating for two days. After that the pain and ringing was gone. Always feel positive and relaxed after the sessions.

May 2014

S.S.: Am feeling very apprehensive and negative, depressed mentally and don't feel free. At the end feel more sensitive to the back chakras. Stronger in my mental field.

April 2014

P.B.: Felling very emotional wanting to fight and rebel. During the treatment lots of thoughts running in my mind. At the end felt completely calm.

July 2014

D.C.: Letting go of past issues.my confidence and self-esteem has grown. Feel stronger in myself but still trying to learn to let go of the upsetting feelings. During the treatment in spite of thoughts running in my mind, I felt inner peace and calm, more than I have ever felt. I saw a bright light which grew into something like a white dandelion seed head, then the shining seeds spread out into the dark, bringing light to the dark.

August 2012

V.C.: Was very tired from work. At end felt very revitalised

April 2012

N.G.: While talking to Nilam throughout the Reiki session, I realised that on many occasion what we think, it's our thoughts and not the reality. I found this reiki session very helpful, which has already started giving me clear picture of myself. Amazing experience.

March 2011

S.M.: At the beginning of the first session I had acidity and felt very heavy in the chest area. At the end of the session I felt very light. It was an amazing experience. Felt a very high pull in the chest area which was relieved very quickly. Since the first treatment I feel very light. I feel like I have gone back to being my old calm self. The session ended all too soon and I fell vey light.

November 2011

B.A.: At the beginning of the session I was very anxious and angry about work. Have been grinding my teeth and having sleepless nights. At the end of the session I felt completely relaxed and chilled.

April 2012

S.S.: At the beginning of most sessions I felt very tired and anxious but after the session I always felt more relaxed and able to deal with the stress.

Reiki Course Testimonials

August 2016

Hemant N Patel: This was the life's most beautiful turn happened to me. This is what I was searching for from life to life. There were numerous curtains which were raised. The experience of meditation was amazing, have no words for it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Nilam

May 2015

Pragati Patel: Excellent course. I really feel like I have more energy and positiveness than I have for years. I now have the tools to help myself for the rest of my life. Thank you Nilam, for being such a cheerful and wise guide on my journey. I am grateful and lucky to have met you.

August 2014

Payal Desai: These two days of Reiki have been amazing. Didn't expect to notice the difference and feel the heat and energy so soon. Learned a lot in these 2 days and I know there is still much more to learn. Look forward to this new experience.

August 2014

Diane Church: A wonderful two days, thank you. I feel the start of a new path in my life commencing. I look forward to my return for Reiki II

September 2013

Anita Halai: Very good and helpful training as the course was one to one so I could pour out my anxieties without fear. Enjoyed the class and will come back

April 2012

Neha Gandhii: During these two days I felt very calm and relaxed. I felt the amazing power of Reiki, which was a wonderful experience for me.

March 2014

Anita Halai: One to one learning so getting direct response and experience. Feel confident in giving treatment to others. Happy and thankful to the universe that I discovered Reiki and am able to learn from Nilam

April 2012

Mansi Shah: It was really good, relaxing and peaceful. Enjoyed the journey to Reiki II

April 2011

Sneha Patel: I attended Reiki I in January 2011 after reading and hearing about Reiki before meeting Nilam, and then subsequent discussions with Nilam. I have learnt so much about myself during the weekend let alone since the course. Generally I used to be an impatient person who needed to be in control of things, however, since doing Reiki I, I have learnt to be more relaxed about things and letting things happen if / when they are supposed to. I have learnt how to recognise where certain parts of my body needs extra energy to heal also. I now appreciate the energy that surrounds all of us and how to channel that energy to help me initially.

I feel that Reiki I has complimented the ongoing reflexology sessions I have with Nilam also. Overall, I feel very relaxed, positive and at peace since doing Reiki I - some of my friends and family have already seen a change in me! I am very much looking forward to doing Reiki II in June this year to help channel the energy to others where it is needed! See you next month!

March 2008

Inthira Laxmikanthan:  I learned and enjoyed Reiki II very much. I has not done Reiki I with Nilam and found more information about Reiki I as well. Reiki II makes me concentrate more on the healing.

Indira Mandalia: I really enjoyed the weekend and learnt a lot. I fill that Reiki II now complets the training for Reiki I. It feels like my thirst has been quenched on learning Reiki II.

November 2007

Anjli Rajani: Through my fantastic experiences with having reflexology treatments with Nilam, I discovered an interest in the Reiki. In completing Rieki I & II, I have discovered a respect for the energy that surrounds us all and the power that I myself have to be able to channel this energy to help me recover from every day ailments and infections.

As a person who has a natural tendency to be pretty impatient, I've also learnt that changing the way I view/think about relationships and situations in my life (which can and is a slow process) has only ever led to positive results. I'm now looking forward to embarking on a new experience with Reiki – that of sharing the power of Reiki energy with others.

September 2007

Diana Patel: Interesting. Very different experience. Opening up a new ‘world’ for me.

Riddhi Patel: Very good and relaxing, feeling very different and peaceful in mind. Would wish to do Reiki II. Would certainly recommend you to anyone wanting to learn Reiki.

Neeta Laxman: Very informative, relaxing, uplifting. Worth redoing for me as a refresher. Would wish to do Reiki II. Enjoyed the course.

Viraj Laxman: Very interesting and informative. Would like to do Reiki II. Enjoyed the course and the two days just passed too quickly.

Indira Mandalia: I have enjoyed the course. I need to practice and find it calming. I feel a thirst for more and would like to go on the Reiki II.

Paresh Vadher: Really brilliant experience, definitely up for Reiki II. I can feel the difference!!!

Vitolina Samu: I have enjoyed the experience and am learning more about myself and ways to improve myself. I will do Reiki II definitely.

April 2007

Jan Greene: Very comprehensive training for Reiki II. Enjoyed it very much and learnt many different ways of using Reiki for myself as well as others.

Anjli Patel: A great experience to build on and practice. Very enjoyable and the two days passed too quickly.

October 2006

Jan Greene: Feel that Reiki will change my life for the better. The two days passed too quickly.

Norma Demello: Very peaceful and very healing.

Chetna Vekaria: Very interesting to learn and know more about healing mind and body.

Anjlee Shah: Was really great learning the depth of Reiki as I had heard a lot about it and seen it being practiced. Has more meaning now and is a very good and nice opening for me.

February 2006

Sudhir Khatri: Learnt a lot about myself and how I should not let anger get to me. Enjoyed the course and would like to continue with Reiki.

Mona Patel: Reiki course has made me more self aware and given me further tools to help me along my spiritual path.

Jo Davies: Very informative and enlightening course, felt safe and keen to continue the journey.

Anjli Rajani: Keen to develop my intuition further and grow as a person. This has been such a supportive step along the way. Keen to do Reiki II to learn more.

March 2004

Kajal Malde: Feeling very positive and very happy that I have been able to do Reiki I, as I want to sincerely help my family, myself and all around me in every possible way. Want to become a better person in every way.

Roshni Shah: The course was good and relaxing. The meditation helped me to relax and would like to learn Reiki II in the future.