What is Metaphysical Reflexology?

It's such a corny thing to say that experiences in life can literally "change your life", but that was my experience with Nilam and her particular approach to reflexology. Her holistic approach helped me to both recognise the "imbalance" or blocked energies in my body and also provided me with practical ways to learn more about myself and to re examine the way that I approach life.

I now feel that I learn something new about myself and others every day and I have gained an appreciation for and a tolerance for life and for the people in it!. Many thanks Nilamben.

Anjli Rajani

Metaphysical reflexology is a therapy that I have developed which is based on reflexology but also works on a deeper level. The results usually last longer than traditional reflexology.

Metaphysical reflexology builds on traditional reflexology by working on the emotional and psychological aspects together with the physical reflex points on the hands and feet. By dealing with emotions and past experiences, combined with traditional reflexology and Reiki energy, it accelerates the healing process from within, if fully involved in each session, as one starts to understand one's self both mentally and physically. For most people, it has led to fewer sessions being required for the healing to take place.

It is a different experience to regular reflexology as it involves plenty of communication through talking about ones experiences, feelings and emotions and working on them through forgiveness, letting go and meditation.

Metaphysical Reflexology is done on both hands and feet.

Examples where Metaphysical Reflexology has helped